Why should a chatbot be better than a person for talking to your customers?

In reality, we are firmly convinced that chatbots will not be able to completely replace humans for a long time, but certainly today they already offer valid help for

When is it useful to use a chatbot?

  • After-sales customer service : the most widespread use of chatbots. Chatbots can be a very useful tool for saving time and precious resources, taking charge of customer requests and trying to offer pre-established solutions. A good chatbot is able to manage requests and retain customers through retention policies and perhaps close the conversation with an upselling
  • Presentation of the company : your employees are tired of answering questions such as: “where is your company located?”, In this case a chatbot, even without artificial intelligence, can be a useful tool to save time and always provide correct information . An intelligent chatbot will always try to steal information from the potential customer and then enter the data into your database
  • Sales Assistance : A chatbot that deals with sales assistance is very useful for providing basic information about your products and perhaps quickly skimming those who are not really interested. Secondly, it can be useful to pass the conversation to a human being to better manage the sale. In any case, an intelligent chatbot must be able to complete a sale and collect a payment in a completely autonomous way.
  • Buying Guide : One of the main benefits of chatbots is being able to recommend the right product to the right people. Just as Netflix primarily proposes movies you might like, so an intelligent chatbot must be able to recommend products and make sales.
  • Brand reputation : an intelligent chatbot works on your brand reputation by providing clear, accurate and fast information to your potential customers. Being able to respond quickly to any request is one of the main advantages that a chatbot can offer you to improve your reputation, moreover, handling many “useless” requests will leave your employees much more free time to deal with important requests and your customers will thank you.

Is a chatbot able to profile users? And can it take care of human resources?

  • User profiling and personalized content : with the use of an AI chatbot all information about interacting users is saved, moreover the intelligent chatbot will always try to ask for more info in order to perfectly profile your customer and recommend products or services in the future dedicated to him.
  • Human Resources : Tired of managing dozens of useless resumes? Let a chatbot do the first skimming! By asking intelligent questions and evaluating the answers, a chatbot is able to effectively support the recruiting function  above all by answering candidates about open positions or by collecting data of people deemed valid based on the answers given.

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