We should imagine digital marketing as a stage, and say that if traditional marketing is a country theater, web marketing is definitely the largest arena in the world. And so if with the old advertising techniques we can reach tot people, with digital marketing our audience increases dramatically. All there, ready to hear what we have to say. Or rather, to look at what we have to show. Wonderful, isn’t it ?!

When it comes to the web, it is a growing world, which is constantly evolving and seems to have no borders; and as often happens, it turns out that between email marketing, inbound marketing, user experience and so on, it seems a senseless skein in which we would never dare to look for the leader.

But we must not be deceived by appearance, behind the big nerdy words and pretentious explanations there is a rule as simple as it is banal: care, which in the case of digital marketing translates into a whole series of precautions, studies and knowledge that you will find in this blog; from the study of the product and who could buy it to the elaboration of an intelligent and organized marketing strategy. Whether it’s your business or your product or service, it’s not enough to just throw it on web channels, you need to communicate it, and web marketing in this case can really change your life.

But let’s start with me, because even if it is digital marketing, it is people who do it: and in this case I have good news: if I did it, to extricate myself from websites, display advertising and all apparently very complicated things. , with a deep breath and a little patience you can put aside the “I don’t know how to do it” and do it too; believe me, it will change the face of your business.

My name is Valentina, I am a copywriter and I have two secrets. One, I tell everyone to be dyscalculica because thinking about a number with more than 5 digits gives me a headache, let alone talking about algorithms. Two, until recently technology scared me, I lived on sketches and notes taken strictly with pen, in short, for me the mobile device has always been a very useful object to lose and drop. So when I was told one day that I would be perfect to work as a copy and do content marketing, I thought I ended up in my own personal hell. The truth is that it’s not that complicated, don’t be fooled by the apocalyptic vision of a computer science made up of long series of numbers, we in marketing don’t care; but let’s go in order.

What digital marketing is (and what it isn’t):

If we use the official and pompous definitions, digital marketing is all those online actions aimed at selling and advertising a product or service. The main difference with traditional marketing are the channels: digital marketing moves on everything web (from sites, to social networks, to emails) with particular attention to new technology platforms such as smartphones. So, for example, promotion campaigns on radio and TV, newspapers and all that is printed are typical tools of traditional marketing. Instead, a structuring of the online presence, the availability on search engines, advertisements and online advertising are all tools of digital marketing.

If we want to say it in creative terms, digital marketing is an infinite range of possibilities to tell what you do, what you are and what you dream. And tell it to the right people, the ones who want to hear it.

Obviously online and offline are not competing marketing strategies, but on the contrary they complement and blend, like two ingredients of the same recipe, to reach the recipients more strongly. Social media marketing, for example, is just one of the newest nuances of online promotion, but it is the most successful one at the moment.

What does he do? the importance of marketing strategy

Whether it’s digital or traditional marketing, the goal is the same. But a golden rule applies: a bad marketing strategy wants to sell, a good marketing strategy wants to seduce. Pay close attention, because clearly every marketing activity is aimed at selling, but as in all things there is a way and a way. To use a metaphor, imagine you have two people in front of you, both with the aim of inviting you out to dinner and making you accept. The first tries to convince you by bragging about whatever he’s done in the last quarter of an hour and telling you how much better what he does is than how others do it. The second one asks you something about you, then tells you a funny anecdote, asks you if you like sushi and then proposes you a restaurant. Who would you choose? The second, without a doubt. Here,a good digital and traditional marketing strategy does exactly that. It sells, but with style.

The benefits of online marketing

Given that digital marketing in no case excludes old-fashioned marketing, it is undeniable that the newcomer, son of lead generation, has numerous advantages; first of all targeting. To sell a product or service it is essential to understand who to sell it to, as well as how to sell it. Indeed, understanding the public is the first thing, because not targeting or doing it badly is equivalent to trying to sell size 38 jeans to a girl wearing size 46: she gets lost at the start. So if the first thing is to identify potential customers, the second thing is to communicate with them. Digital marketing has an edge on this, in fact web pages, social networks and online tools, such as insights, help us to reach the chosen audience with more precision.Imagine advertising a dance school, it will be impossible to put the flyer only in the mailbox of people who love to dance. On the contrary, it is very easy to create a campaign that reaches only those on Facebook who have inserted “dancing” as an interest, or those who have searched for “dance schools” in recent days. The same happens, for example, with an ad on TV: the company that buys an advertising space will never know exactly who will watch it; of course if you advertise nail polishes, the advertising will be in the same range as a program followed mostly by a female audience, but as you can see it remains a very vague targeting. On youtube, for example, the targeting can be much more precise, we can only show the ad to those who have watched nail art videos. Digital marketing, pass me the term,gives us more control. With the knowledge of the right tools and platforms, we are able to target our message exactly to whoever would like to receive it, thus creating a positive circle.

Another advantage is certainly the costs, which in digital marketing are much lower than traditional channels such as radio and TV.

We must be honest, however, there are also negative sides, or at least some small obstacles for those who want to throw themselves headlong into the world of digital marketing: concentration. On the web, in fact, competition is fierce and for every product or service there are many similar ones; every time you search for a word on a search engine you will find dozens of pages with dozens of results each. A sort of risk between websites, sorry for the vintage touch, in which the conquest of the first page takes place through seo and ADS, study and continuous updates. So, if it is true that today in digital marketing you have to be there, it is also true that you have to be good, otherwise it is a wasted connection.

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