“If you do not know yourself, nor do you know your enemy, be sure that every battle will be a source of grave danger for you.” Sun Tzu

The world of work today has become a war, and like any war, the only way to win is to be prepared, well armed and ready to shoot.

I am seriously convinced that if candidates faced the path to work as if they were headed for war, unemployment would tend to zero.

First of all: get to know yourself, arm yourself. Before you start looking for a job, focus on your strengths, make a list of your skills and analyze it well. Now put your weak points on the plate, trying to be honest with yourself, mix everything with your passions … with what you really love to do and that’s it … well it’s a bit hasty way to explain it, but … I want to focus on “know your enemy”. The potential employer is not your enemy, on the contrary, but don’t forget where you are and it’s better to know everyone you share a battlefield with, don’t you think?

Many companies do not find staff, or choose to hire the wrong staff for lack of “best candidates”. I say this from personal experience, since it is a situation in which I have often found myself. Being the “best candidate” is certainly not an easy task, the competition is fierce, each recruiter takes into consideration different aspects and there will always be someone who has a master’s degree more than you! The arduous task of figuring out which candidate is the best belongs to the recruiter, who generally seeks the right mix of skills, potential and motivation.

For skills and potential go to resume the scribbles of a little while ago and evaluate if you are in line with the offer. If you feel up to it and really want that job then you need to differentiate yourself from the competition by showing your commitment. Maximum concentration on the objective, from the first sending of the CV, to the subsequent emails, phone calls, skype calls, interviews and any other form of communication between the parties (don’t forget that it’s a war!)

“Know the enemy as you know yourself. If you do so, even in the midst of a hundred battles you will never find yourself in danger ”. Sun Tzu

Although I am used to sending an email with all our information, including links to websites and social networks, too often I see candidates arriving completely unprepared for interviews. Today, for the umpteenth time, a candidate explicitly told me: “I didn’t have time to inform you about you and read those emails. In this period I am too busy interviewing”.

Now, honestly, how can I, as a recruiter, even consider a candidate who … doesn’t want me!

Before presenting yourself to an interview, collect as much information as possible about the company and people, study, do a careful analysis on why you think you are the right person for that company. Think about what aspects you would improve, how YOU can make a difference for the company, what added value you can really bring to the company. Arriving prepared will give you the right amount of confidence to never be hesitant during the interview!

I’ll tell you a secret: show a recruiter that you really want to work for that company and only that one, and they will never refuse you a chance!

Are you ready to shoot?

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