Before delving into the topic of this article, let’s make a brief description of the virtual assistant: who it is and what it does.

Who’s the virtual assistant?

The Virtual Assistant, also known as the Virtual Assistant, is a natural person who works remotely on specific tasks or complete projects. There are many advantages that you can get by hiring a Virtual Assistant (by the way if you are looking for one fill in the form at the bottom)

Now you are rightly asking yourself: what jobs can a virtual assistant do?

  1. Manage the appointment calendar
  2. Organise and manage travel and bookings
  3. Preparing a Power Point presentation
  4. Manage the email box
  5. Creation and publishing of content
  6. Reply to comments on social networks
  7. Tracing expenses

The Virtual Assistant is a figure external to the company but, to all intents and purposes, participates in its work remotely, focusing its attention on specific tasks with the aim of lightening the work of the entrepreneur. Let’s take as an example a vendor on Amazon, maybe he has a commitment that will keep him busy for the whole day but at the same time he has to handle customer requests: how can he do that? If you haven’t been distracted in reading, you already know: hire a virtual assistant

Now let’s move on to the main topic of our article, which is: what are the 11 soft skills that a virtual assistant should have in our opinion?

  1. Flexibility. A good Virtual assistant is immediately recognizable by his flexibility both in terms of work and in terms of timing. It is important that you make yourself available to your client, especially if they work on the other side of the world. Maybe his clients come from a different time zone than the Virtual assistant so, very importantly, the Virtual assistant must take into account that he may find himself working at “inconvenient” times.
  • 2. Organization This is a “mother” rule as an unorganized Virtual assistant will most likely forget to do things or even worse do them wrong. The most important thing in this case is to schedule the work well and break it down into smaller tasks, so as to follow a logical order during the process.
  • 3. Initiative It’s important to respect what the client asks for, but it’s also important to deliver the best possible work every time. So, a self-respecting Virtual assistant needs to recognize what he or she can improve upon over the course of the job. For example, avoiding certain procedures or undertaking others, always with a view to improving the end result. The client will be doubly happy for pointing out things they missed.
  • 4. Concentration To work well, the workplace must be orderly and free of distractions. The self-respecting Virtual Assistant manages to keep his concentration high throughout his work. This is done through the techniques he has learned through experience on how to be productive. One tip is to eliminate any possible sources of distraction
  • 5. Communication. Communication is not only important in marketing, but at every moment of our lives. Having a clear and fluid communication can help the potential client to trust the Virtual Assistant who has the soft skills listed here. In addition, the work will be done without any problems or misunderstandings.
  • 6. Knowledge of languages. If the Virtual Assistant aspires to be a professional, he must know more languages. Ideally, you should know at least English and Spanish, which are the two most spoken languages in the world. Of course, the more languages the Virtual Assistant knows and the more chances it has to get jobs from entrepreneurs all over the world.
  • 7. Problem solving It has happened to everyone at least once in their life to start a job, apparently smooth but that suddenly has a hitch. This snag can decide whether the job will be completed as agreed or not and this is where the soft skill of problem solving comes in. Having a trained problem-solving mind will be one of the trump cards that the Virtual assistant professional aspires to have!
  • 8. Patience. Patience is a virtue, say the wise. Impossible to blame him, patience for a Virtual Assistant is essential, if he can not stay calm, he will lose his concentration and this will make him miss in his work. The danger is that this can happen at the most delicate moments, such as when you are trying to resolve a dispute with a client. So Virtual Assistants armed with patience and do not give up!
  • 9. Ability to orientate
    The professional Virtual Assistant is used to working with different people on different platforms. So a fundamental skill is to be able to navigate within new interfaces that until recently seemed non-existent
  • 10. Being open to challenges. The professional Virtual Assistant is not afraid to handle new situations because he knows he is in control of his profession. You may find yourself in trouble, but you know how to handle it. You don’t let the emotions of a new job or a difficult task overwhelm you.
  • 11. Knowledge of the main software. A good knowledge of WordPress, Shopify, Amazon FBA etc. is what it takes to know how to orient yourself in your work. Of course, the more things a virtual assistant can do, the better his ability to get jobs. Do you have all the soft skills listed here and would you like to become a virtual assistant? Send your application

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