Social Media Marketing what is it?

As is often the case in these cases, to understand a new and particular phenomenon, it is right to start from the origins, so the first question to ask is: when did everything start?

The reference date is February 2004 where a Harvard student named Mark Elliot Zuckerberg put online a platform that changed the way of marketing. We know this platform by the name of ” Facebook “. From that moment on, gradually, but incessantly, our lives have changed radically, both as regards the world of advertising, sales and sharing systems and as regards the way we communicate between individuals. Facebook is probably the Social Media par excellence, with a pool of 2.1 billion users.

With these numbers the marketing world could not remain helpless, starting an unstoppable digitization process. Social media has been a focal point for this transformation thanks to the ease of contact between users: high interaction rate (engagement) and sharing (social sharing), a real godsend for any marketer.

Having made this necessary premise, the question we have to answer hours is: what is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a component of Digital Marketing, with its own rules and specific characteristics that each platform offers.

Nowadays companies, organizations and freelancers use social networks to advertise and present products or services. Social media are in fact a high potential weapon to increase a brand’s notoriety on an international level.

But why does social media marketing work?

Social networks, by definition, create interaction and sharing, and these characteristics are the keys to their success.

The various organizations and companies that use social media create their own network of users, called communities, with whom they share their corporate mission, the most varied contents in the form of images, texts, videos, etc. .. With correct use the relationship that is formed between user and customer becomes so strong as to create a sort of “online word of mouth” in the form of “like”, “comments” and “shares”, which, if managed correctly, allows you to grow your own virtuously network and consequently your business.

So how important is Social Media Marketing?

If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s FUNDAMENTAL 

The advent of social media has drastically changed communication, which has become quick, fast, practically instantaneous.

If you need information, to buy the latest smartphone or organize a last minute trip, you search everything online, finding everything you want with a few clicks. It therefore becomes essential to preside over these “spaces” and facilitate the user who “is looking for something” to find us, with our products and services.

But what is the right way to do Social Media Marketing?

To do marketing through Social Media you need to implement a specific and effective social media marketing strategy. It is implemented through the drafting of a plan which is to be divided into various points:


What result do I want to aim for?

  • Increase Sales?
  • Do I want to create a fan base of contacts?
  • Do I want to improve my network of acquaintances?

These are some of the objectives that can be outlined and must be made to measure, almost like a tailor who creates a suit on us. The fundamental aspect on which one cannot compromise is that the objectives must have a correlation with the social plan of the strategy to be followed. They must be SMART that is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and a function of time.


Take some time to evaluate all digital assets and to understand where to improve or correct the shot of your actions:

  • Which social media are mostly used for my niche?
  • How do my competitors work?
  • What is the best way to communicate?
  • What is the traffic ratio between the website and the users’ social networks?
  • How often and what kind of content is posted?
  • What is the ROI score?


Identify a specific target of users. Since social media is a great way to convey users, it is correct to understand precisely who my brand is aimed at. It is necessary to create the profiling of a typical customer in order to understand his wishes and his way of moving on the web.


The contents you want to share with your users can be of excellent quality, but if they are not organized in the correct way, they will hardly lead you to achieve a positive result. The creation of your content must be preceded by a drafting of an editorial plan; within it you will decide on what day and time to post a certain topic, perhaps deciding in advance the keywords to use, and in what form to expose, deciding between photos, videos, live, etc.

In drafting the editorial plan, the “80/20 Pareto rule” can be followed: 80% information content and the remaining percentage, 20%, must be related to the promotion of the brand.


Obviously a fundamental part of the success of your social strategy is the measurement of the results obtained.

Among the parameters to consider to measure the success of a social media marketing strategy are:

  • Cost per click (CPC);
  • Conversion rate;
  • Number of followers;
  • Brand mention;
  • Total shares;
  • Impressions;
  • Comments and engagement


Managing a Page or a Company Profile on a Social Network is not a simple operation: to transform a follower into a customer, a like into a conversion or a business opportunity, you need experience and careful and precise planning, which passes from the analysis of competitors to the assessment of the strengths (and weaknesses) of the Company, as well as a correct analysis of sentiment and interactions.

Our Social Media Marketing Team will take care of the Social Network Management of your business for you, starting from the strategy to be used, arriving at the editorial plan and providing a complete monitoring and updating service in real time, planning effective Advertising strategies to advertise to the better your business through social channels and allow you to achieve your goals